Royal Restore

Meet my newly revived wallet!!! I’m sooo happy! If you follow me on twitter, I mentioned a few months ago that I was so sad about the quality and condition of a Prada wallet I bought at the HongKong airport. Just a few months into use, the soft leather started to fade, even when I made sure to use it with care. I brought it back to the boutique to have them fix it, but they told me that it was beyond repair and that I should have expected that to happen because I chose the soft leather. I was honestly really disappointed because I expected the quality of a wallet to match it’s price tag. I was about to give up after my failed attempt to fix it, until I stumbled upon Royal Restore– the sister company of Mr. Quickie that repairs and restores your damaged designer items.

This was the quality of the wallet before I sent it over. As you can see, the sides have already turned gray, and the originally ballet pink color has already faded.

When I contacted Royal Restore, they took photos of my wallet and consulted with me before doing anything drastic with the wallet. I ended up deciding to dye it when they told me that cleaning it didn’t produce any significant effect. The end result? It looks brand new! They even created a little pouch to house my wallet while they sent it back!

My wallet is now fixed and I’m so glad to have it back that I’ve used it straight away the moment I got it! Thank you sooo much to Royal Restore for taking care of it!

For inquiries, contact them at +63925 887 6925.

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