Screw You + Jabra Solemate GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

If you aren’t at least 5’6 tall, then wearing a shift dress with loafers has a big possibility of swallowing your small frame and making you look more petite than you really are. I’ve been trying to find just the right fit and cut to make this combo work for me, and I’m proud to say- I finally found it! Plus, the cute wink detail in my dress perfectly complemented my in-your-face “Screw You”  loafers. Such a quirky update on this classic look!

You guys know how much I looove reworking old school classics and making them look young and modern, so you probably can’t blame me for matching my two graphic pieces together. The funny thing is, I was giving mixed signals with what I was wearing! My dress was flirty, saying “Hey cutie!” while my flats gave the total opposite impression with a loud and proud “Screw you!”

I need more loafers like this in my life. They are so perfect! Imagine wearing them with rolled up, beat up boyfriend jeans and a wife beater. How very model off duty!

Talking about classics with a modern twist, I got these super awesome Jabra Solemate speakers a few days ago, and I’ve been carrying them around with me ever since! It’s so cute and the quality of the sound is so great that I don’t even mind much that it makes my bag weigh 610grams heavier! Look at how cute the design is! The speakers itself are sleek perfection in matte black, and depending on your mood, you can change the soles of it to a color of your preference!

This thing can wirelessly stream music from your phone via Bluetooth 3.0 and make it seam like the band your listening to is playing right in front of you! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I was at the beach the whole day yesterday and this perfect portable speaker was always by my side. The speakers are perspiration, dust and shock proof! Plus the rubberized soles kept it perfectly in place in our kayak and cabana! Mike kept reminding me to charge it before our trip, but I totally forgot (#TotalNon-Techie). The surprising thing is, even if I’ve used it before, the battery was still full before we left and shockingly, after we used it the whole day, it was still full!!! Mike and I had to charge both our phones already, but the speakers still had so much life in them! #Amazeballs They can stay on for up to 40 days (40 freakin’ days!!!) or play music straight for 8 hours! Screw You-18

So here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Jabra Singapore is letting you guys get the chance to WIN this Jabra Solemate + 1 Color Sole!!! All you need to do is:

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WAGW dress, SM Accessories hat (similar here), Chanel bag, Nixon watch from Meridian TimepiecesPrimaluxe Manila flats, Ferrin + Gruss sunnies

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