Seoul Diary

Seoul, Korea is always a pleasure to visit. I’ve been fortunate enough to fly there on three occasions (all for work!) and I’ve always enjoyed it. The girls (and boys) are always so well dressed and their skin is always glowing. (how???) The streets are lively and the shops are filled to the brim with beauty products I always love hoarding. Each time I’m back, my wallet is always in pain lol. This time though, it was super different.

I was flown together with 50 of Asia’s top Beauty creators to attend a convention of sorts hosted by Charis. It’s a platform we can use to share our chosen Korean products to our readers back home. It’s hard to purchase non-mainstream cult brands like Unpretty Rapstar or Vodana in the Philippines. With Charis though, it’s much simpler. I choose which products I like and I think you might like, and you can order then on my marketplace here, and it arrives on your doorstep FREE SHIPPING. The products I chose to put up there are all stuff that I’ve tried and tested, so you know they’re legit. Plus, you can see me use them first hand here.

During the convention, we stayed at Lotte Hotel near Myeong Dong which was super dangerous because it meant we were literally five minutes away from shopping damage!!!

Most of the time, I hung out with Johanis and Charis (yes, her name is Charis too!) from Malaysia. We were on the same bus together from the airport and we sort of just clicked because of our inner Blackinese (Black X Chinese).

The next day was our “shopping day”. The Charis team took us around Hongdae to visit a few shops like Beige Chuu and Dr. Althea. You can find my chosen products from these shops here.

My favorite part was walking around like a crazy person on the streets of Korea. The Charis team had a ton of photographers follow us around, so it felt like a total Kylie Jenner moment. lol

I was pretty darn exhausted but  then Laureen texts me that SURPRISE!!! She’s in Korea too. What are the chances?? I hadn’t seen her in ages, so obviously, I had to make my way to her after my event. We went around- Laureen style, of course, and ended up early in the morning at a McDonalds. What’s new. LOL

And then I come home to this….. a full bed of products to try out from Charis. AAAAAH so I did try them out!!! And picked these ones from all of those for you guys!!! Free shipping, I cant stress this enough. FREE SHIPPING!

Our last day was Make Over day. We went all the way to Gangnam at RA BEAUTY CORE, which is apparently where all the rich and famous go. I was extremely lucky too, because they chose the top hair stylist Hyuntae, and top Make Up artist (I forgot his name, but his photo is there above!) to do my makeover look!!! The result???

Soft Korean make up and Red/Pink locks. I loved it!!!! Unfortunately, the color went away after 2-3 days. So fast!!! But at least I got a pretty photo!

Since it was our last night in Seoul, Charis wanted to make it extra special for us by throwing a goodbye dinner party. I got to hang out with the crazy beauties from Indonesia and instantly fell in love. I mean…. look at them! LOL

The photo above this one is of me and Yan, my Style haul baby from Singapore! <3

It was such a good trip and a lovely way to meet other content creators around the world. Thank you so much to Charis for the opportunity!!! <3

And now, I bid you Annyeong hasayo! Took a no make up selfie on the airport before my flight back. Til the next trip, lovers!x