Sirao Flower Garden

A few months ago, an explosion of orange, red and yellow flowers appeared on my Instagram feed. All my friends from Cebu seemed to be flocking to a photo worthy gold-mine right in town- the flower farm in Sirao! It reminded me so much of my Agassiz trip that I desperately wanted to see it with my own eyes. By the time I got back into the city though, the flowers had already been harvested and we were told it was too late to visit. This month however, they are finally in bloom again (yaaay!). Slater and I decided to head up all the way up to check it out.


Aside from the loud Karaoke ballads playing in the background, and the flocks of people trying to take good photos- the place wasn’t half bad! They nicknamed it “The Little Amsterdam” of Cebu, but I can’t quite see the connection. The flowers are called Celosias and they’re originally from The Netherlands, but aside from that…maybe the bikes?


Slater is really getting into Photography, and of course, I am the willing model! LOL He had so many cute ideas including photo above. Cute diba? *blush*

Of course, I brought along my February tote with me. It so perfectly matched the scene, don’t you think??? If you want to order, please email Stocks are low cause it’s selling out really fast, so you can also head over to Rustans Makati, Rustans Cebu or Shangrila Mactan Cebu to get one for yourself!

Sirao is cool to visit if you want to spend time taking photos and getting creative. While people tried to get the best angles to shoot the flowers, we spotted another cute picturesque spot right across! (Disclaimer: we had to trespass a bit :P)

When you go, I recommend spritzing a dose of Bug spray and dressing for the weather. Light breezy fabrics and maybe ditch the long cardigan (mine kept getting caught in the bushes!). Don’t accessorize too much- keep it natural and cute. The only thing I had on me were some hair ties and my trusty Daniel Wellington watch! You guys know I’m obsessed with mens watches, and DW definitely takes the cake. It’s no wonder all the IT girls have it! It so conveniently matches most of my outfits. If you search the Daniel Wellington tag on this blog, you’ll probably see that I have it in MOST colors and designs. I have over 10 of them!!! (Obsessed!!!)

I’ve partnered up with them for you guys cause it’s Christmas and I thought you might want one for yourself or to give to your special someone. That means— I have a discount code for those who want to buy one! It’s 15% off your purchase if you buy one before Dec 30. Just use my code: 16Kryz upon checkout. Also, if you buy a watch together with any accessories (Cuff or strap), you can get another 10% off. They have special gift wrappings too, so it’s super easy and convenient as a Christmas present! I just ordered another one for myself LOL (No judgement! They just launched their new Classic black collection and classic cuff bangle so you can’t blame me. I’m collecting them all 😛

To get to Sirao, you can drive up the Cebu Transcentral Highway (or drive up the “Busay road”) until you reach Ayala Heights. There’s a road to the right beside the Nature Park. Take that and follow the signs. (or just Waze it)

If you don’t have a car, you can get a habal-habal (motorcycle) from JY Square in Lahug. They charge about P150-200 for a round trip ride, but they do charge extra if you make them wait long. You can also opt to get a cab but I heard they charge about Php1,200 for the trip.

Once you get there, you pay P50 to enter the garden and then it’s a free for all photoshoot extravaganza. LOL. Slater was also the subject of many photoshoots happening (which I secretly had the foresight to capture on my Snapchat/IG stories :P)

It was a fun trip, and one you can easily make if you’re in town. Enjoy!

Urban Outfitters top
American Apparel shorts
Boots from Japan
February Bag
Daniel Wellington Watch (15% off with discount code: 16Kryz til Dec 30)