One of the big concerns of being a fashion blogger (especially one that posts quite as often as I do!) is finding someone to take your photos everyday. I’m lucky because my sister is a talented photographer and I can easily force ask her to snap shots of me on our way to work. It takes approximately 5-10 mins of each day, so it’s not much of a hassle. However, I know a lot of bloggers who really have a hard time posting regularly because they can’t find anyone to help them with this. Here’s a little tip for those of you aspiring to create your own fashion blog and in the same pickle. Invest in a tripod and remote for your camera so you can take photos of yourself at your own convenience! Doing this also helps you experiment more with your locations and poses cause no one is watching you! I used to do this back when I was still living in Manila and it really helped me a lot. My personal tripod of choice is Sirui which I got from Henry’s Professional, the brand’s Philippine Distributor. (Like them onΒ FBΒ and follow them on twitter and instagram) Now all you need to do is be careful no cars hit you on the road while you’re taking those outfit shots! Goodluck!