Sitting with my eyes closed

Let’s take a work/travel/long post breather. I’m writing this after a weeks worth of little to no sleep, from Singapore to the new WAGW store in Consolacion, to panic packing and my midnight plane, and I’m finally on the brink of shutting down. I just came from the jam packed Bloggers United bazaar in Manila, and left early before I collapsed from exhaustion. I have so much to tell you but this time, I will take this precious moment to sit still with my eyes closed and rest. I love how these photos of Edric shows exactly that. The wind blown hair, fresh freckly face, bare lips, loose casuals and sitting still in the midst of a busy world. Sometimes when the world is beautifully crazy, staying still can be your best reward.

Levi’s polo and jeans, Sugarfree heels

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