Skaters and Ice

Everyday I join the twitterverse and complain about how insane the weather is here in the Philippines. And since there’s nothing I can possibly do to fix that, my next best bet is to dress chilly, and to condition my mind that it really isn’t that bad. No, I don’t mean dressing for cold weather! I mean taking inspiration from colder seasons and creating a look that will make you remember how nice it feels when you have that perfectly cool and breezy wind! My personal take features icy inspirations in the form of beautiful crystals on top of a minty chiffon top, and a skater skirt to drive some air down on my legs. Capped with sky high diamond studded pumps and you’ve got an ice skating look to keep you feeling brrrrrreezy this summer season! What do you think?

Mango top and Necklace (similar here), Grey Avenue Skirt (similar here),  Sheinside heels (similar here)

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25 Responses to Skaters and Ice

  1. Chrissie says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Skater skirts are the best – so effortlessly chic. Everything about this outfit just goes together so well.


  2. sassyshann says:

    It really does have a snow princess look to it! Very pretty Kryz.


  3. I love this ensemble! I think you’re right, it’s best to wear something chilly and comfortable especially now that it’s really hot in our country. You look beautiful as always :)

  4. You look lovely! I have similar heels 😉

  5. I love it you are so gorgeous kryz <3

  6. karen says:

    that skater skirt is so adorable!:)

  7. Oh gloomy says:

    It’s so funny to think it is so warm there, when here in Finland the spring is a month late! We still have a lots of snow and chilly weather. I would be happy if I could make it in only one pair of thick tights :D. And we are still waiting for the migratory birds to arrive.

  8. Lydia says:

    Aw I love this look! Its so girly!

  9. Shining Mom says:

    I love that girly look!

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