Sleep All Day

Today’s post will be dedicated to a brand close to my heart: Mandaue Foam. All my life, I’ve been a very loyal customer to this brand with all my beds, pillows, mattresses, sofas and some furniture created by them. Why? Well, aside from the fact that it’s a big homegrown Cebu brand, to be completely honest with you, my grandmother is its founder, and it was part of our family business for years! Today it belongs to my uncle and his family, and my cousins run the show, expanding the business nationwide (super good job to them, I might add!) They now have about 25 branches (I think) all across the Philippines and they don’t only carry foam, but furniture, closets, and home decor as well!  Soooo, when my cousin asked me to model for their new campaign, I delightfully obliged. After all, I am a hard core fan of their super duper comfy beds! My sister Jack can testify to how my Mandaue Foam bed at home is the “black hole of sleepiness” because once you get on it, I guarantee you’ll fall asleep in a matter of seconds! Yes, it’s that comfortable!

Here are a few behind the scenes photos from our shoot. That’s my bestfriend Gillian (who now works for Mandaue Foam), make-up artist Raisa Bercede and myself!

The campaign was shot by no other than photographer extraordinaire- Jack! No wonder I was so comfy, the whole team behind the shoot were people so close to me!

A couple of minutes later, we finally got our money shot! Who sleeps with a pile of make up on anyways? Me apparently! lol

Here’s the billboard for the campaign, now up along C5 Eastwood in Manila. Soooo happy, proud, humbled and thankful for this- it’s my 5th billboard ever, and hopefully not my last! Thanks Mandaue Foam!

What do you think?

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57 Responses to Sleep All Day

  1. congrats kryz for this new billboard!

  2. Ann says:

    Hi! Really nice shots! Congrats on your 5th billboard! :)
    By the way, did you have your hair colored or is it just the lighting? I’m thinking of having my hair colored, but I’m not sure if I should perm it first, then color, OR color, then perm… :(

  3. Stef Uy says:

    Oh! Ive always thought that you guys own mandaue foam :) now im curious as ever what pdg pawe’s business is. Haha. On another note, youre on a billboard roll!! :)

  4. OMG! You are so gorgeous as always. Thank you for replying my email :””) Stay pretty and humble and sweet! ♥

  5. Taipei Style says:

    Nice pictures! You really look comfy, now I feel sleepy! :)


  6. For Girls says:

    you look pretty cute :)

  7. Nicolette says:

    Congratulations on the billboard! You look amazing in these pictures! I absolutely love the first pic

  8. Ysabel says:

    Forever gorgeous, Kryz! Even when you’re asleep. 😉

  9. bonnie ang says:

    I love it. You look so pretty here

  10. Kerstine says:

    When I saw this pic on your IG post, my reaction was like this “My God, ka nindot sa room ni Kryz Uy. how I wish maka-room ko og ingon ana”. But I was amaze when I found out that t’was just for your photo shoot. Still you look so comfy Ms. Kryz. Love it! <3

  11. Stephipay says:

    I knew it was youuuuu! Saw the billboard on Guadalupe Edsa, sabi ko si Kryz Uy o! Hahaha :)
    Very natural and pretty :)

  12. Charisse J says:

    I know I don’t know you but I feel proud…it’s weird I was on LB (I think) and I saw one of your pics and I just became obsessed with your style! It’s everything I’ve ever envisioned for myself. Like I’m petite as well and I just love how your looks look classy and classic yet sexy and attractive but still chic and polished and overall EFFORTLESS! Even down to your makeup I think less is more and it’s just perfect. And I read your story and through the blog lol obviously I can see your success. I’m 21 now but when I grow up so to speak this is like the epitome of what I want to be career wise. A creative director, flexible schedule, lots of traveling, lots of plain getting dressed up and looking nice, lots of inspiring and taking in new things new trends and WRITING I love to write but I’m very creative too so I know something similar to this would be perfect.

    I just wanted you to know that you genuinely inspired someone all the way from Brooklyn NY :) As a passionate person I’m sure you know how it feels to be genuinely inspired and I feel that much closer to my own dreams through your blog! ^_^

    • Kryz says:

      Thanks charisse! So happy to leave such a positive impact on you! Im glad to hear that and I wish you all the best in your life! :) Hope you get everything you work hard for!

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  14. Wena says:

    Hi miss kryz

    U look fab! Love it 😉

    I think i’m gonna get miss raisa for my wedding. What do u thunk? :)

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