Smell the Flowers

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After a very difficult past week filled with prayer and contemplation, things finally seem to look brighter. (And it’s about time! My blog was starting to depress so many of my friends!) Baby Zoey was extubated yesterday. She hasn’t fully recovered, but I believe she will get through this. They’re running a few more tests today, results to come out tomorrow. Hopefully, if all goes well, my sister can finally hold her.

Also, I flew back to Manila today to make a very testing decision, and in the battle of work VS family, I chose my family. I must seem pretty insane, giving up the job thousands of girls dream to one day have. In fact, I thought to myself “OMG, I’m totally feeling Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada,”¬†only in my case, the Devil is actually a very kind and understanding boss, and the only things they probably have in common are their esteemed position and the fact that they actually do wear Prada. But after millions of pullouts, two issues (yes, two issues equate to a million pullouts), and a very unfortunate event, I am left with no choice but to leave Preview and fulfill my duties to my family in this time where I am needed the most. I am filled with so much emotions- sadness, anger, frustration, relief- yet I also feel numb. I’m dazed and quite literally confused. (Can you even be metaphorically confused? See? Im confusing my confused self already.)

As to where I’m headed, I’m not quite sure. All I know is this isn’t the end. Thank you, team Preview for being nothing but understanding and encouraging. I really do hope we cross paths once again.