Smooth, Shiny and White

Today’s outfit post is brought to you by Pantene Conditioner, the reason for my incredibly smooth locks!

I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the bloggers to be styled by Celebrity Hair Stylist Barney Martin, who was flown to the Philippines all the way from Aussy! He’s worked with top model Kate Moss, actress Drew Barrymore and so much more, so it was such an honor to be a part of this!

Barney styled my hair for a total of 6 hours and it was amazing! He chose to do braids on my locks because it was a hot trend on the runway and it reflected my personal style- he even studied my photos before meeting me! Plus, it didn’t hurt that he was super down to earth and friendly, cracking jokes every now and then! We learned so much about him! He even joined us for dinner and drinks!

Victor of Emphasis Salon did our make up. I love his all white ensemble + matching Chariol accessories. Very Pantene colors! Also, those conditioners on the table are what we modeled for. I’ve used them for 4 days now and I absolutely love it! The moment you apply, your hair gets instantly smooth, so you dont have to fight those tangles. They just naturally come out! Perfect for curly sues like me who never brush!

Stressed Camille finally arrived (she’s in Barcelona now for the Mango contest- wish her luck!).

While waiting for our hair to set, Laur, Pat and I cam whored. Working their angles! Notice the tissue on our hair? Barney wrapped stray strands on tissue before he pinned them so they wouldn’t leave a dent. Neat trick!

The final look.

Here’s what I wore to the event:

We had to come in White and Gold, which were Pantene colors, and this is what I came up with. I got my Topshop electric pleat dress (that everyone seems to own!) and paired it with a fully sequined jacket. We have a lot of these in black, black/silver and black/gold combinations coming very soon at WAGW! Pearl cluster earrings from SM Accessories and vintage slim rings from mom were the perfect accessories to compliment my romantic look.

And of course, to elongate the leg, my trusty nude patent peep-toes from Call It Spring! I’m so happy I packed this pair on my trip, it goes with everything and is sooooo flattering!

And of course, I had to pose on stage with the Pantene sign. Sayang naman kung hindi! As they say, we gotta live the moment! Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime!

Hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

At the press event, Barney explains what he did to achieve my braided “fringe” hairstyle. (Bangs are called Fringe in Australia!) It was so nerve wrecking to be standing on stage with a dozen press camera’s in front of you! There was also a BTS video behind us showing everyone exactly how he created the look.

Did you know that Asian hair is harder to work on than European hair? Apparently, their hair is more pliable and easier to manipulate. Wonder why!

“Debutant” hair for Ms. artista Laureen, braided bangs for me, sexy waves for edgy Patrish (loved the effect with her new color!), and smooth and straight for fashionable Camille! (Plus cover girl hair for Gretchen Baretto but I dont have a photo of her 🙁 )

Thank you Pantene for this amazing opportunity and for my World Class Hair!!! <3


Thank you to Gerry Robinson and Laureen Uy for the photos!