Snake Year

Chinese New Year is near once again! Wow, time flies incredibly fast now a days! It seems like only yesterday I was talking about Christmas, and now we’re celebrating another new year 2 months later! The thing that I love most about this particular Chinese New Year is that it’s the year of the Snake again! The Chinese have 12 animals that represent their Zodiac, and the Snake is one of them! It’s the same animal that represented my year of birth (I was born on 1990, but technically before Chinese New Year, so it’s still considered as 1989!)Β They say it’s good to have at least one snake in the house (me! me!) because it means your family won’t starve. I know it sounds kind of silly, but hey… we’re not starving! haha People who are born on the year of the snake are also said to be smart, thoughtful and intuitive. But most of all, because snakes come in pretty colors, patterns and textures, people born on their year are are said to be fashionable, with the ability to appreciate art and beauty! Are the superstitions correct so far? πŸ™‚

Usually, during Chinese New Year, people wear red, because in Chinese tradition, red is the color of prosperity and good fortune. However, for those of you tired of wearing the same red pieces over and over again, why not wear Gold instead? To make it even more “prosperous looking,” wear gold in sequins! If what you wear on New Years Day is any indication on your future for the year, I’m pretty sure you’ll do well with Gold! You should trust me on this, after all, snakes do have an eye for style and good finances! πŸ˜‰ lol

Also on a totally unrelated note, check out this cute dog inside the gate who was sniffing me out while we shot this! Looks like he has an eye for fashion too, don’t you think? haha

What do you think?

Clothes for the Goddess cardigan (similar here), WAGW tank, My Spirit skirt (similar here), Casio watch, Sugarfree heels

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