Some notes on Beauty

I’ve been getting a ton of questions about my beauty regimen, and even though I’ve already answered them here and here and a few more posts after that, let me share with you a few more tips that I think will help your beauty woes. Enjoy!

1. For perfectly flawless skin, wear your concealer post foundation to ensure that those unwanted spots (like pimples, freckles etc) are well hidden. Just be sure to have products that match your skin tone, and that you blend them well together. I recommend Shu Uemura’s face architect foundation. This light liquid base comes in a pump bottle (very hygienic) and is very skin friendly. Compliment this with Touche Eclat spot concealer for a no-cake no-break finish.

2. Struggling with those tiny lashes that just don’t seem to show? Double, triple, or even quadruple coat your mascara! My favorite save has always been Maybelline’s Volume Express line. They give my lashes the perfect thickness while maintaining the curl. Still not satisfied? Finish off your volumizer with length enhancing formulations like Majolica Majorca’s lash expander mascara.

3. Chubby cheeks begone! A simple mix of bronzers and highlighters will make sculpting your face into shape a breeze! Apply bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks (right below the cheek bones) and gradually gradient upwards, framing the sides of your face with a subtle shadow. Then, add some highlights for a cute dewy glow. Apply your highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones and lightly on your T zone, although, for oily skin, I recommend skipping that last part.

4. For small eyes that want to go bigger- shading is your best friend. My favorite mixes are matte browns that mimic your skin’s natural shadows. Practice blending to get that perfect gradient effect, and watch your eyes pop! My favorite eye shadow palette is- Urban Decay’s Naked!

5. Always ensure that your make up brushes are clean and happy. It will make applications thoroughly easy! Plus, it helps prevent breakouts! I use i.d.’s Well-Cared for brush conditioner.

6. Clean your face before you sleep is a big fat MUST! My pre-bedtime best friend is Cetaphil, because it’s so mild and effective, I’m ensured of a clean finish without adding damage to my sensitive skin. Plus, there’s a reason why all Dermatologists recommend it!

Hope that helps!