Spiked Up Feelings

To an afternoon of heavy creative styling and designing work, I needed to wear something loose and comfortable to move around in. Sweaters are always the best comfort-top but it’s often too hot to wear them here in the Philippines. This neon sweater however is perfect because it’s so thin and lightweight, that it didn’t make me feel stuffy at all! Plus, it’s bright bold color made me look crisp rather than frumpy, which was a must since I was only wearing shorts and flats!

I decided to go all “blogger” about it and wear it with matching neon spike shorts. This would have been overkill, but because the spikes are strategically placed on the side of the shorts, they made for perfect accents, and only brought out the interesting color even more! I love these shorts to bits because they’re such scene stealers without being too loud. You can match it with a plain white polo, and still look chic. Plus, even though they’re pretty short, they’re not the open-type of shorts that show the world your “yoo-hoo”. They keep you secure and comfortable with the best fit ever!

And just because I was in CdO travelling that day, I decided to take precautionary measures by wearing my new spike flats. That way, I could easily kick myself out of any danger or troublesome situation! (Plus, aren’t they such a beauty???) The only problem was, being the klutz that I am, I kept swinging my legs together and ended up hurting myself with a ton of scratches! Next time I take these babies out, I’m wearing pants!

What do you think?

Clothes for the Goddess sweater (similar here), WAGW shorts and ring, S&H flats (similar here), Extreme Finds necklace, Oxygen Paris watch

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