Sporty Spice

Who says sweatpants only make you feel fat? There are so many ways to wear an item of clothing, you just have to get creative! I wanted to play with the idea of sports wear as outer wear and jumped on it when I got my hands on this cute sports bra from H&M. In my honest opinion, they’re too cute to be hidden under a dry fit top! To keep it more street and less costume-y, I added beautiful drop earrings, sparkly heels and a simple mens leather watch. Besides, if you can wear boudoir as outerwear, why can’t you do the same for comfy cotton gym clothes, right?

What do you think?

H&M sports bra (customized), F21 (old) sweatpants (similar here), Call It Spring heels

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20 Responses to Sporty Spice

  1. abc says:

    did u really where this out? where to? just cant imagine anyone really going out of the house wearing that..

  2. abc says:

    i mean *wear

  3. Evel says:

    i like it:) and this heels for this outfit are amazing 😀

  4. Bo Brymer says:

    100% of the time, She is correct, every time.

  5. Marga. :) says:

    love it! the sports bra is so cute! :)

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