Standing on the Edge of Europe

My first visit to Portugal, and already, it felt like home. We were invited by the Intercontinental Hotel in Estoril for a short 3 day, 2 night stay. The road to get there was tough with about a 30+ hour travel time and crisscrossing across timezones. But… it was totally worth it. I mean, just look at these photos. I’m standing on the edge of the most western tip of the entire European Continent! Yes, I had to go through a wired fence to get here, and yes, it was scary and I thought the strong winds would topple me over the cliff- but MY GOODNESS, it was beautiful.

Estoril is about a 30-40 minute drive from the capital of Portugal- Lisbon. It’s sort of like the Mactan of Cebu- near the beaches, near the mountains and near the city. Right beside it is Cascais. This side of town house the upper echelon of society- so you’ll find a lot of beautiful houses, delicious restaurants and amazing views. Praia do Guincho (above) is considered one of the best beaches near by, where people go to surf and chill.

One of the things you need to see when you visit is Cabo Da Roca. That’s where the top most photo in this post was shot. Like I mentioned a while ago, it’s the cape that forms the western most tip of Portugal, and the continent of Europe. From the top, I could feel the strong breeze and hear the current crashing into these rocks.

Lastly, you shouldn’t miss the Boca Do Inferno, translated, it means Mouth of Hell. Fear not though, this dramatic name has nothing to do with the actual thing. It’s really just a cliff formation/cave that was formed by the crashing of water from the Atlantic Ocean. It’s  definitely an interesting sight to see. You can even climb down closer to the water and share a few moments with the ocean, like I did. And after this, drop by the neighboring restaurant Mar Do Inferno for a taste of Portugal’s famous Seafood dishes. Don’t forget to cap it off with their equally popular espresso or have a glass of wine with lunch as the locals do! Felicidades!