Stanley Park

We don’t have enough parks in the Philippines. Whenever I go out of the country, I’m always astounded by the number of clean public gardens they have. They’re always filled with beautiful trees and flowers, they’re always litter free and people don’t vend stuff on the side. It’s such a perfect place to go out and run around, get some fresh air and maybe read a book or two. I feel as though that’s such a hard thing to do in most cities here in the Philippines, because the pollution (and extreme heat) will just make you feel sick within minutes of being outdoors. So most of us are stuck in doors (in malls or at home) on our gadgets instead. One thing I learned while in Canada is definitely how beautiful it is to stay outside the comforts of your home. Go out. Walk around. Hike. Breathe clean air and appreciate nature for it’s incredible beauty. That’s exactly what we did at Stanley Park. (That, and witness a filming for a local show, which was pretty cool too!) Enjoy the photos!x

Zara sweater and coat, GU Japan polo, Urban Research Japan Skirt, Pedder Red shoes, Celine bag

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