Starting the New Year

We all know resolutions are doomed to fail because they’re usually too unrealistic or whatever else reason. However, that doesn’t mean we throw all our goals out the window and don’t even try. The new year is here and I’m sure it will fly by so quickly. So here are a list of personal achievable goals that I will *fingers crossed* try my best to do starting today. I’m putting it out here so I can look back and remember what I said. And also because it adds a bit more pressure that way! Here goes:

1. Get out of my comfort zone more

I live in a bubble and I like my bubble. I don’t go to shady places or eat at restaurants that aren’t in my pre-approved checklist. This year, I will try to expand horizons and try out new places that might not make me comfortable, but will give me new memorable experiences.

2. Make more time for me

I tend to overdose on work. I’m a workaholic. I’m a bit OCD and I like to plan things. Once I have an idea for work, I go at it full speed ahead. This might sound good, but it leaves little time for me and the people around me. I might also end up pushing people too hard, or expecting too much from them. This year- I will chill. Not be lazy, but just be more accepting and less demanding.

3. Reflect more

People often times criticize others or judge others without knowing they themselves are guilty of the very things they say they don’t like. Some people can’t be spoken too because when they are given constructive criticism, they play the victim card and whip out a string of unnecessary emotions. This past year, I’ve tried my best to be aware of myself as a person- my values, my faults, my intentions. I may not be perfect, but it helps to know when you have made a mistake, hurt someone or become hypocritical. This year, I will try my best to be more aware of how I affect other people. Change for the better my friends!

What are your personal goals? Share them with me here so we can help each other become better people! <3

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