Step Out of Line

Here are a few more photos of me by the great BJ Pascual for SM GTW! Sorry for this rush post, it’s just a really busy day. Heading to Davao City tomorrow for another round of WAGW‘s Style Ambassadors launch at Abreeza Mall! If you’re in the area, hope you can drop by WAGW at around dinner time to shop with us! See you there!

SM GTW: Soiree dress P799.75(similar here),  Redhead blazer P699.75  (similar here), Pedro heels

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

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26 Responses to Step Out of Line

  1. Liz says:

    such a hot dress

    check out my under $100 gift guide

  2. Caroline says:

    black and yellow is in my opinion only for someone…and you definitely are the one! :)

  3. Hate to spill it but the butterfly clips are showing. hehe. That doesn’t matter though because you look so stunning! You definitely nailed it! Oh and wow you’re going to be in Davao! YAY! 😀

  4. Krizy says:

    tumataba kryz uy

  5. Judy Teves says:

    another lovely post! :-)

  6. mk says:

    now i realized that by dressing in bright colors ..a vandal wall is just okay as a background ..thanks to you and camille co.

  7. Angie says:

    you look amazing! hair, smile, maxi skirt with that bright blazer – this photos set is legit

    pandaphilia fashion

  8. Anna says:

    Amazing! Could you do a tutorial of your make up here? It looks so amazing! What lipstick did you use?

  9. Nica says:

    The clips are showing, but it’s all good. The outfit still looks great :)

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