Stress Free Shipping

When I order something online from the US or anywhere else far away, you don’t usually see me smiling like this. *insert one million postal problems here* That is… until I discovered my shipping secret. Now, I’ve been shopping online non stop (sorry wallet!). I already told you guys about it before, but I still get tons of questions about how I deal with the dreaded corrupt customs officers here in the PH. My solution is really simple guys… Shipping Cart.

I pre-ordered 2 books on Amazon and had them send it to my shipping cart address (which they give you when you sign up). The books didn’t arrive at the same time cause they came from 2 different places, but I had them shipped together to my Cebu address. Shipping Cart was so full of shipments the past month that they didn’t charge any of their customers a storage fee. Whoohoo!

Shipping Cart lets you know when your orders have arrived at their warehouse, and then they send you a photo of the item they received. You can then decide when you want it shipped to your address in the Philippines. When this box arrived on my doorstep- yes, doorstep- no sneakily overcharged “taxes and fees”, I was ecstatic!

 Now you guys know how I get all those hard-to-find make up products sent directly to me! I guess it’s a happy shopping to everyone and advanced Merry Christmas to your wallets 😛


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