Studs on Black

So I woke up one morning and decided to wear a black on black on white outfit that looks like a group of emo kids puked studs all over. I’ve actually worn this WAGW polo several times already (to the BU2 bazaar and my trip to HK Disneyland), but it’s just bursting with holiday spirit, that everytime December rolls around the corner, I just have to wear it again. This time, I thought it would be fun to emphasize the embellishments on the polo by adding a spikey blazer to the mix. The result? Edgy Class! I paired it with white shorts, a single ring and black strappy stilettos to keep it from bordering on overkill and maintain a feminine and playful vibe.

 I usually wear sheer tops with a nude or lace bandeau, but since I was feeling a bit more edgy and playful with my outfit, I decided to take my new lacy bra from Wacoal out for a spin and let it subtly peek through the chiffon. This piece of intimate doesn’t come with much padding, and although it looks sexy in lace, it actually has great support and coverage, so you get to incorporate it into your looks creatively without ending up looking hooker-ish. You can try this look without the blazer for a more daring finish, or cover up more by keeping the buttons of your cover up closed, and letting the lace peek through your top oh-so-subtly! Either way, you’ll look great! Just as long as you know how to work this trend to fit your body. Girls with a lot going on up there should steer clear of this look though!

Look at all those piercings on my outfit! Just like my tip above, anything is possible when done with intuitive creativity and moderation. Even though there are studs all over my look, I kept the cuts and details feminine to avoid looking like a dominatrix/Mick Jagger groupie. It’s okay to experiment with excess at times, you just have to know how to balance it off!

What do you think?

WAGW blazer (similar here) and top, WACOAL bra, F&X shorts, Prada bag, Choies heels

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