Summer Cooler

If there’s anything I love on a hot summer’s day, it’s getting an ice cold sip of my favorite drinks. I asked my friends what their idea of the perfect summer cooler is, and I easily got a unanimous answer- an Ice Cold Coca Cola. They say there’s nothing that completes a good barbecue, pizza, or even fast food meal like Coke. Well, if you guys out there are anything like my friends, and I’m sure a lot of you are, then this is for you. I’ve got a super simple trick on getting that #PerfectCoke. Interested? Keep reading!

First up, get yourself some Coke! Duh.

Step 2, get a cooler or a bucket and fill it with ice.

Then, close the lid and wait ’til your Coke becomes 3 degrees cooooold.

Lastly, drink up and enjoy your #PerfectCoke and your Perfect Summer! <3

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