Summer Skin

So, how’s the summer weather been treating you lately? Here in the Philippines, temperatures get up to 37 degrees and the heat can totally be unbearable! A while ago, I was in Boracay Island and I couldn’t even get myself  to walk with bare feet on the sand because it was just too hot! Yes, summer is really here. And as we all know, with the rise of the temperatures come the rise of the hemlines as well! Everyone is dressed in breezy sun dresses, or shorts and tank tops just to feel comfortable! The problem is, exposing more skin makes us more prone to skin damage! The sun’s harmful rays can cause great distress to our skin- dryness, dark spots, skin aging- you name it!

To combat this, I always make sure to carry a bottle of SPF in my bag, and slab some on before I head out. Vaseline’s Healthy White SPF24 is perfect for me because I have naturally dry skin. It’s a 3 in 1 lotion that whitens, protects and moisturizes your skin all at the same time. With Vaseline, I don’t have to apply lotion, wait for it to set, then apply sunscreen and feel sticky the entire day! It’s a one time thing and your skin is protected, allowing you to wear those fun and frilly skin baring summer styles without worry.

Persici Plum top

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Plus,  Vaseline has a pretty cool promo right now- SUMMER SKIN + STYLE: The Vaseline Lookbook Promo. All you need to do is share your prettiest summer fashion looks to Vaseline and get a chance to win amazing prizes such as iPad Minis, Forever 21 Gift Certificates and a Boracay Getaway Trip for 4! Visit the Vaseline Facebook Page for more details and follow @VaselinePH on Instagram.

WAGW white sweater, WAGW denim shorts, WAGW braided belt, Havaianas slippers

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13 Responses to Summer Skin

  1. Chiew Nee says:

    Pretty!!! =D
    love the hat ^^

  2. Angela D. Leon says:

    hey i lv ur skirt! it’s so hypnotic. but on a side note it’s not like the girls in our home country don’t know we need spf lol! i’m so underwhelmed tht we get a sponsored post after ur recent adventures. come on girl, travel diary! :)


  3. Jade says:

    It’s supposed to be spring in Finland, but it’s snowing and freezing outside :( Yay…. not.

  4. Vivian says:

    You look so sun-kissed in those photos! Gorgeous~



  5. Amor says:

    Whatever the season, you still manage to look so pretty and glamorous!! Love your sun-kissed skin!! :)

  6. Cute! Love the hat!

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

  7. I love how you perfectly wore this maxi skirt without looking short! I always hesitate to wear something long because it makes me appear look shorter. I envy you, you’re totally amazing :)

  8. Hello Ms. Kryz! What’s the contest period of this one? Thanks! :)

  9. Lydia says:

    You look amazing! I really like the hat, especially the colour!

  10. daxxie says:

    witch fashionista outfit ! i love the way you matched the clothes, bagay na bagay sau.. :) .. im a fan talaga..

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