Summer Soiree Photo Diary

As promised, here’s my mini photo diary from our crazy adventure with the ETC team two weeks ago in Boracay. ETC always throws such unique and fun activities, and I’m glad they’re having the 2nd leg next weekend called the ETC Summer Reign so more people can experience it! If you’re going top be in Boracay on April 27, head over to Boracay Uptown sometime in the afternoon or after dinner, and you surely won’t regret it! Why? You’ll see what they have in store for you like what we experienced at the Summer Soiree!

First up was a fun afternoon with the Philippine Volcanoes! (And yes, that is Andrew Wolf Β in the white shorts *dies*) It was nice to see the guys so in their element while playing beach rugby! A few people got to play with them too, and they looked like they had such a great time. Though, I really don’t understand how you can concentrate with teammates like that… 0.0

When sunset rolled over, everyone started heading to White House for the big sunset party. Everytime I’m in the island, I never miss these crazy happy hour sessions! It’s just so much better to have fun with your friends in your most comfortable beach clothes, with the beautiful sunset beside you and the option to jump into the limitless waters at any time!

Lissa and I headed out briefly before that to grab some Gelato at Aria. I don’t understand how people can go on a diet in Boracay. The food there is soooo good! And Gelato on a hot summer day is absolute perfection! We wanted the ultimate chill Boracay experience, so we decided to hang out at Shangri-la for a quick snack and swim . The place was breathtaking, and perfect for family getaways. It’s far from the main beach strip though, so it can be a task to get back and forth from there.

The next morning, we all got up real early to ride on the ETC paraw. It was my first time to hop on one, and with that short and sweet memory, I’m definitely sure it wont be the last! They say it’s best to rent one during the sunset, and I can’t imagine how absolutely magnificent that would be like.

After dinner, everyone then went to Boracay Uptown where ETC held their Summer Soiree event. I had such a great time watching the audience go wild when the games began! Plus, Lissa and I were called up on stage to participate in one of them called “Funny Bone” with the Philippine Volcanoes! We had to follow a series of commands like “his right knee to your right knee”,”his left elbow to your right shoulder” etc. It was pretty hard to balance, especially since I’m like a whole foot shorter than my partner! Lissa ended up winning the game even when she didn’t expect to! We really had such a great time, and I’m sure it’s evident in these photos!

Thank you ETC for taking such good care of us on this special trip. I can’t wait to go back to Boracay! Just 2 more weeks til Labor Day weekend! Where are you headed this summer?