Sunday Morning Rain is Falling + Cafe Sarree

When you wake up to Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning playing on speakers, it’s hard not to dress like this. Cool, comfy, cozy and casually easy. It’s also equally hard not to head over to your favorite breakfast resto and order some hot chocolate and a side of *insert-favorite-breakfast-dish-here*. And in just a few moments, you’ll see that breakfast is really my favorite meal of the day, and that pigging out is the only option!

Mike and I were feeling sluggy (that word totally defines itself) so we went to Café Sarree  at Escario Central, Cebu to get our breakfast fix. Ordering two plates each is a common practice in our food-binging relationship, and today’s breakfast agenda was no exception. Mike ordered the Caesar Salad (Php250) and Chorizo Rice (Php170). I don’t eat meat so I can’t tell you how that tasted but Mike seemed pretty pleased! It was his first time at Cafe Sarree (and one of the rare times he eats breakfast) and now he’s already raving about when to go back!

I, on the other hand, had these gastronomic treats to myself. Personally, the more green leafy vegetables I see, the better- so imagine my delight when these dishes made their way to my table! I was debating between the Soft Boiled Egg Platter (Php220), a breakfast special, or my favorite from their Menu, the Smoked Salmon Tartine (Php245). And because I am the most indecisive person ever, I ended up getting both! (I am the worst shopping buddy, you will end up with nothing left in your pockets!!!) I have to say, it was a decision I do not regret! The soft boiled eggs were probably the most perfectly made I’ve ever seen in my whole life (I promise I’m not sh1tting you), and when I mixed them with the toast, butter and strawberry jam, something incredibly foodgasmic happened. It was just how I imagined the food in my breakfast dream to taste like! (It’s a 360 degree dream, don’t judge me!) The tartines on the other hand……. we’re still amazing, just like how I remembered them to be! (Totally thought those ellipses would throw you off) Anything Smoked Salmon is always good anyways, but to mix it with Arugula (another fave) and whatever this delicious dressing was made of just made everything extra perfect! Breakfast dream was achieved! *self high five*

Cafe Sarree Menu September 3 2012

Block 9 , Bldng. A Escario Central Mall , N. Escario St. Cebu City

✆ +63917 631 8047

instagram: sarree
And because I couldn’t find their Menu anywhere online,  here it is (just cause I’m such a good blogger like that :P)

I think one of the reasons why I love breakfast so much is because it’s one of the things that mark the start of a brand new day. I love seeing eggs done sunny side up, fresh garden greens perfectly seasoned, fruit juices and smoked salmon highlighted with shaded morning light. And for some reason, that image in my head comes complete with Jack Johnson music and a clean chic white outfit- very much like the one I’m wearing today!

I completed this look with lucite accessories from my necklace, to my ring and clutch! Must be this image of fresh cool mornings because my outfit is looking trés fresh and cool too! Bringing clear clutches may be tricky because they’d either look really dirty and cluttered or like an easy target for pickpockets! What I like doing is finding a wallet (or pouch) that’s almost as big as the clutch itself so it will seem like the bag is actually printed! Everything else you can stuff and hide under or inside it!

I tried to think of the best part of this look, but it’s so hard considering all the pieces I’m wearing are totally gorgeous! If I had to pick just one though that made this outfit what it is, it would have to be these Guess pants that come in a subtle blue gradient. They make me feel like I just dipped my toes in a sea of freshness (even though I was probably sweating buckets while taking these photos). The magic of white!

What do you think? (And I’m not talking about my over use of parentheses.)

Guess sweater and pants, Choies heels, SM Accessories and Anagon necklaces (similar here), H&M ring, Louis Vuitton wallet, Stylehood clutch (similar here)

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