Sunset Surprise

So it’s Valentines Day (a day that I really love!) (warning, if you hate this holiday and can’t stand mushy gushy stuff, stop reading NOW) (anyway, as I was saying…it’s Valentines Day) and Mike and I planned to meet each other in the afternoon to prepare for our evening. We’ve been together for a really long time, and as much as I love being surprised and all that, I also love my boyfriend very much and I don’t want him to stress about where to take me, or what to do, especially with his very busy schedule. So, this year, we agreed to plan our day together- a picnic merienda and dinner which we would prepare for after work. However, Mike doesn’t always keep his word (and this day, it’s a good thing!) When I woke up in the morning, I headed to breakfast groggily (and very ugly- imagine rolling out of bed with gross hair and large PJs) and proceeded to devour my self made Egg McMuffin and gulp down what must have been an unhealthy amount of caffeine. Just before heading down to get ready for work, Mike knocks on the kitchen door with a huge bouquet of roses for me! Surprise! Okay, what a very sweet and very bad timing surprise! But we laughed about it and he explained how he wanted to get me rainbow roses but how something went wrong and he had to head to the flower shop again (and insert other things that you probably want to skip anyway here), so it was doubly sweet of him to make such a big effort to get me the perfect flowers! After that, we said our goodbye’s proceeded with our day as usual.

Because I knew we had a picnic date later in the day, I chose a very fuss free outfit that was both picnic-y and unexpected at the same time. I must say, this Stylista dress was perfect-girly and romantic but not too revealing, sexy back cutouts but still cute and sophisticated! I grabbed it as soon as I saw it- it was perfect for the occasion! Agree? I’m also loving the color combination of this look- purple, teal and yellow are such a good mix!

Anyway, on to my day. Mike picked me up at around 4 in the afternoon so we could go shopping for food. I took so many side trips (bought Vday gifts for my mom and other work related things) and was wondering why Mike was so anxious to leave! He was in such a rush, and I had no clue why, but I just went with his flow. After dropping off all my deliverables and buying some pasta and salad, we headed up to his secret spot on top of a tall building and this is what greeted me:

I knew we planned a picnic, but I didn’t realize it would be as special and glamorous as this! Plus, we had such an amazing view of the sunset- the very reason why he wanted me to hurry up! So what did I do? Take photos of course! (High five to the good blogger in my head!) It’s a good thing I did too, because not long after, the skies turned from pink to black and it was almost impossible to document!

Mike and I had such an amazing time listening to music, laughing our butts off and relaxing with this majestic view! We even made a video to show our future selves when we’re old (but he’d kill me if I posted it, so, sorry guys! lol)

I’m so lucky that even after all these years, Mike and I are still the bestest of friends (we started as that before we became a couple), and that helps our relationship a whole lot. It’s nice to be able to say, do or even think anything and not have to sensor yourself. Our relationship is so special, I just can’t put it to words. So… insert-mushy-stuff-here will have to do! lol

Hope you guys enjoyed this little trip with me on my Sunset Surprise!

StylistaPH dress, SM accessories belt, Celine bag, Heels (similar here), Michael Kors watch, bracelets from mom, Cartier love bracelet

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