Sweat it out

Told ya I’d be wearing ย more sweats! I can’t help it. Cotton comfort is insane! Why have you guys kept this from me for so long? lol Nowadays I wear sweats so much I can’t tell whether I’ve changed into house clothes or not! Okay, stretching it too far, but you get the picture! Aren’t you totally in love with these leather panelled pants though? I obviously am! It totally gave a modern update to an otherwise frumpy outfit. Armed with nothing but comfortable basics, this look has got to be one of my absolute favorites. Comfort-1, Fashion, well… 1!

I wore this while styling for a shoot, and our photographer had me station across the different parts of the location to see if they would work for our models. No complains here! At least I get to show you around effortlessly! When I wasn’t doing that, I was effectively annoying Jack with my current addiction. Scroll down to find out what it is! And on the “annoy-meter” it says: Kryz-1, Jack-0! Score!

GAP tank, WAGW jogging pants (on sale! Email checkout@shopwagw.com if you want it!), SM Accessories earrings, Zara sandals (similar here)

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