Sweet Escape

One of the best things about living in the Philippines is that we have 7,107 beautiful islands to choose from when we want a change of scenery. Among them is one I frequent every May since 4 years ago, the beautiful island of Boracay. I can never get tired of it because it’s absolute perfection! Powdery white sand, cerulean skies, crystal clear water as far as the eyes can see, fresh air and a loooot of yummy yummy food spots to choose from!

Mike and I always plan a date meal during our trips to Boracay, and when we date, it usually means a pig out session! We took a shuttle to the Shangri-la Resort (every hour at D’Mall) and went straight for Vintana Cafe where we had a gastronomic feast!

I didn’t take photos of everything we ordered because I was too busy eating them (oops) but among the six or seven entrees we had, above are three of them! I don’t really remember the exact names on the menu, but I had some sort of Smoked Salmon sandwich, Caesar salad, damn good potato wedges, and an Indian seafood soup or something like that. Mike had a few meat things which I didn’t bother remembering (oops again) but I’m pretty sure he liked it!

Just for laughs, here’s a classic and ultimately necessary “yaya’s day off” photo. There were more but I think I might have to burry myself in shame if I posted them! I kind of wish I took that photo of Mike and myself climbing the huge ass tree in the garden though!

Boracay usually needs no outfit planning aside from which bikini top to match with which bikini bottom (such a tough one, I know), but I decided to dress up in this beautifully draped number to hide all the belly buldge I knew I’d have after eating to celebrate such a romantic date with Michael <3 Isn’t this flattering dress such a cute thing to wear for dates by the beach?

Dresscode Project dress, WAGW belt, Zero UV sunnies, Havaianas slippers, SM Accessories earrings

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