Sweet Like Candy

Because I’m drowning in shoots, events and meetings, I’ve sorely missed casual wear and my usual cutesy patootsie (also known as pa-cute) style. Don’t even get me started on sneakers and dresses! That’s a dangerous road there, my friend! There’s just something about candy colored details, tie knots and side swept ponytails that always brings out a more cheerful me. Do you get that too? I wore this look after the Sinulog weekend, when I felt particularly pudgy and gross. (Must have been all those buffets, sweets and cocktails!) Not only did I get my perky fix from my preppy ensemble, I also successfully hid the gut oozing out of my belly with this nifty denim polo! Bodycon dresses work great as skirts when your body just needs an extra cover up. Try it!

LeVie polo, Keysa’s dress (similar here), Native shoes, Proenza Schouler bag, Casio watch from Terminal Manila, WAGW earrings (old)

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13 Responses to Sweet Like Candy

  1. Caroline says:

    love the gemed detail collar honey ♥ you again look so cute and nice and stylish :)
    have a nice day!!!


  2. Kristine says:

    So pretty! Love it so much! :)

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    For affordable accessories and clothing.
    Thank you! :)

  3. Sephie Rojas says:

    I love sneakers and dresses! Personally, I’m actually anxious of college ending, feeling like I might not be able to wear them as much when I start working. Sigh! Hope I can still pull it all off though! XD


  4. Kaye Awatin says:

    Love the details on the collar!

    Kaye Awatin

  5. Fifi Yau says:

    super love the details at your shirt’s collar <3
    the dress is adorable too :)

    Diary of a Dreamer

  6. YvonneLaura says:

    Love your outfit! Looks great


  7. Princess A says:

    Super cute shoes.


  8. Tasnim says:

    so so pretty! love the colours so much! :) will have a go, wearing bodycon dresses like this or similarly too!

  9. Sasa says:

    super chic love it♥

  10. Christine says:

    Love the look… Will definitely invest in colorful dresses!

  11. Radka says:

    Lovely :) Amazing skirt

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