Sweet Sushi? New Must Try Dessert in BGC

Sometimes, good people invent amazing things that transform our lives completely. This statement may be pushing it a little, but I swear, I just discovered a new dessert spot in BGC that perfectly fits that description. See the sushi boat I have in front of me in the photo above? Those delicate creations are actually made with GELATO ICE CREAM. I kid you not. Introducing… GELATOFIX. The newest restaurant with a menu created by Gelato World Cup Champion (yes, there is such a thing!) Chef Filippo Novelli. Bet you these sushi rolls are gonna be future Instagram stars!

When you enter the shop, you’ll be greeted by a wide selection of freshly made Gelato. I wish I could have tried everything here to let you know which ones are good, but they had a whole tasting menu for us to try, and I was just too stuffed to have any more. Definitely coming back to get a hold of these though!

Before I start, of course, my little GelatoFix OOTD that I wore to the opening. You like? Top: Apartment 8 | Pants: Dorothy Perkins | Earrings: February | Heels: Santoni

They have real food too! While I do love a good serving of sweets, I love the balance of sweet and savory even more. I’m so happy they serve real food that fits my pescatarian diet! You’ll definitely see me hanging out here often!

Their in house Chef makes a demo on how they made the Gelato Sushi. Yes, it’s made fresh in house every day!

Now on to the good stuff. The tasting menu! We started with a yummy cooler and proceeded to have a starter, 2 pastas, and 2 desserts.

The Garden of Passion Salad was such a surprise. I’ve never had Gelato as salad dressing before, and it was quite interesting. Surprisingly, it was so good and not too overwhelming at all. Definitely worth a try.

I’m a sucker for tomato based pastas with a hint of cream- so it goes without saying that I devoured this dish quite easily. yum.

This was quite delicious too. Creamy but not too overwhelming.

And then, the main event- DESSERT! It was a given to try the gelato sushi. Each one tasted different from the other. They had such interesting combinations that a non-food blogger like myself can’t even begin to describe. I guess you guys will have to try it out for yourselves!The show stopping dish though was definitely the Magic Box. I MEAN YUM. Carbs + Chocolate + Fruits and Ice Cream- it’s a match made in heaven. I wanted to drink all that chocolate!!! It was sooo good. Definitely the number one must order in this restaurant!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

BGC Corporate Center, 30th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines || Call: 02- 8163902
Open 7AM-11PM