Take A Chance

If you’re still on the look out for a pretty dress to wear on your dinner date this Valentines day, or a chic design to don on prom night (as I know a lot of my readers are, based on your emails!), here’s a suggestion for you. Why not take a chance with a two piece look instead? I’ve never seen a cropped top and skirt combo more romantic than this, and I realized it would be such a cute thing to wear on a date with your beau or such a cute design to incorporate into your prom gowns! Imagine a sheer long sleeved body fit top decked in lace or bead work, and a body skimming skirt that shows just an inch or half of your midriff? Soooo sexy!

The reason why I’m feeling particularly open minded today is because of this cute music video my friends and I have been addicted to lately! It’s called “Take A Chance” (and my title could not be any more creative lol) by this cutie pie 18 year old guy, Luigi Davola. I first found out about him because of Champ Lui Po (producer at Mecca Music, who manages Luigi) and I just had to find him when I found out he writes his own music! So cute! You can find the video at the end of this post!

What do you think about my look? Are you taking any chances this love month?

WAGW MAN Cardigan, Freedom Manila top and skirt, SM Accessories bangles and earrings, Mumi bag, Comfit heels

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Here’s the Music Video I was talking about! Let me know what you think of it!

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You can download the video on My Music Store or on iTunes.