Team Player

Boy do I miss the city of lights! You can’t really see the print of my shirt in its entirety, but it says Team 01 Paris, and I was beyond ecstatic when I got it (especially since it came all the way from Berlin!) When I studied in Paris, it was my first time to be all alone in an entire continent and I had to learn all sorts of things like how to cook, clean, travel, commute, and basically live by myself! I have to say that I probably grew 5 years in maturity after that experience- and so did my taste in clothes! Before then, I was always in colorful layers, mixing denims and All-American school girl looks together. After my stint in Europe, I ended up leaning more towards sophisticated and put together looks. Even on my casual days, I’d still prefer adding details to create a glam and effortlessly chic outfit. Today’s #ootd is no exception. My basic t-shirt gets dressed up with a stiff structured skirt, croc skin leather bag and chic lucite wedges.

To balance out my look, I asked Jack to do one of her fun braids on my hair and this was the beautiful result. I know we’ve done this basket weave bun before and we got hammered for a tutorial, so please check back in a few hours cause we are finally working on one as we speak! Plus, I know I promised more non-fashion related content, so here’s a beauty one coming your way! Crossing my fingers and hoping that my pathetic iMovie skills wont fail me now!

Personally love this look and it’s very effortless yet put together vibe. I know I’m repeating adjectives (sorry article writing nazis) but I just can’t find a better way to describe it! Would love to know what you think though, so please leave a comment!

Saint Noir top, Goody stay put elastic, Ferrin and Gruss sunnies, Sheinside skort, Sugarfree heels, Fino bag

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