The Fourth Bloggers United

Bloggers United. Even though I’ve been part of this event for four straight seasons, it’s always a big deal to me. I always make it a point to clear my schedule, book a flight to Manila, and dress up. After all, it’s not everyday that you get to meet a whole lot of your readers, chat with fellow bloggers in the industry and sell clothes to donate money to a charity! BU is always decked with well dressed people so it’s important to wear something awesome. I decided to wear this quirky top and skirt number. It was perfect! I was comfortable in cotton the whole day, and the prints were bold enough to make a statement sans accessories- which allowed me to be at utmost ease!

I wore my comfiest heels (and my favorite ones) because I knew I would be standing and walking for long periods of time. These FFAQ babies never fail me! Plus, they give me maximum added height so I’m not a midget when I meet my readers, and that always equates to gold stars!

 What do you think?

Fairground top and skirt, SM Accessories earrings, FFAQ heels, Michael Kors watch

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

I don’t have a lot of photos from the event, but here are a few that I was able to grab from everywhere! Please click on the images if you want to see where they are originally from!

Check out what happened to my pile of shoes 10 minutes after we opened. INSANE! It was all sold out before lunch time! I also had posters of my booth up, and it was so funny how most of them got stolen, and even funnier how some of them were returned after they were stolen! My readers are filled with tricks up their sleeves! Lol

Had such an amazing time as usual at BU4, and it’s all because of the wonderful team behind the event, and of course, my dear readers who really made the effort to go (and wait up) for their favorite bloggers. I have said it once and I’ll say it again, I wouldn’t have all these amazing opportunities if no one read my blog, so I am beyond thankful to every single one reading this right now! Thank you from the top, middle and bottom of my heart!!!

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28 Responses to The Fourth Bloggers United

  1. marie says:

    too chic the top!!!

  2. Tey says:

    Weeh! I got that snakeskin Possiblity heels. So comfy and fab. :)

    You weren’t yet there when I bought the shoes. Sayang. :(

  3. Merry Christmas Kryzzy..
    Nice theme by the way. 😉

  4. Caroline says:

    this looks heavenly amazing :)
    with love from

  5. Its Looks Beautiful! :) Have A Great Year!

  6. Jianne says:

    We met you at BU4! :) You’re so pretty! Thanks for the pic! :’D

  7. Hiii. So basically I’m hyperventilating since my back is in one of the pictures (2nd B&W pic) sorry Overreacting I know but I can’t help fangirling hihi :) anywayy thank you for making the first BU I went to so special and for the 3 pics + a hug lol love youu forever <3 P.S. You're gorgeous in person. <3

  8. sarah says:

    pretty as always! <3

    hmm, BU4. too bad you weren't there when we arrived.

    more power Ms. Kryz! <3 Merry Christmas! :)

  9. Andria says:

    I love the cutouts in the sides of the shoes and the pop of purple (earrings)


  10. Rhea says:

    is there something like that here in cebu? like the bloggers united.. it’s so cool..

  11. Patrice Aliman says:

    Broke my heart when I found out you weren’t there on the 2nd day :( I hope to see you on the 5th installment! :)

  12. Isabella says:

    The 5th BU should be in Cebu. :)

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