The Heat Is On

While today seems particularly gloomy, these photos will show you precisely the opposite. Lo and behold how HOT it was last month in Boracay. You can literally see the beads of sweat on almost every inch of me in these pictures! (I’d edit them out if I knew how, but sadly, my photoshop skills are limited lol) My friends and I made another trip to the island, but this time, as a guest of Smart Communications. I was pretty stoked to be there too. Not only because I’ve pretty much been a Laborday local even before Laborday existed, but because my face was all over the sailboats from my Smart Bro campaign! I couldn’t wait to see it for myself, and of course, experience another round of craziness with my Smart family. True enough, the next few days thereafter were pretty intense and insanely fun. In fact, Laureen and I shot these photos right when we arrived (which was high noon, hence the washed out colors and pools of sweat!), because we wanted to get work over and done with so we could enjoy the festivities! It was a huge sunburn-filled sacrifice, but we got all our shots done, and easily put them up for you online. You probably saw this look already on our Smart Viber chat group, or on my social media channels since I uploaded it on the spot, (Thank you #SmartLife for the convenience!) Buuuut I’ll tell you guys more about that in my next post.

For today, check out my first beach-party-ready outfit featuring this tribal bikini from Eazy Fashion. It came with a romper and a ribbon in between the bikini top, but I did some DIY magic on it. I took out the ribbon and used the strings from the romper to tie around the sides of my bikini bottom. You can see it up close in the photos below. I think it made the suit look less  kitschy and more flattering. Because I lost my phone in the island last year, I made sure to have a little bag for it this time around, and of course, it had to match my outfit. If you’ve been an avid reader of this blog for years now, you’d probably recognize when I last used this cellphone case. If you know where, leave a comment below and I’ll be super impressed! I’d link it for you guys to check out, but that was a fashion faux pas moment for me, so I’d rather not LOL. Any clues?

Eazy Fashion swimwear, Nialaya bracelets (20% discount code under “kryz”)

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