The Last of It

For this last installment of my Yosemite adventure, I’m giving you guys the whitest, snowiest day of our trip. 5 minutes out in the cold and all we wanted to do was build a fire or go indoors. If only the view weren’t so damn beautiful! We braved the chilly weather and made the most out of our last day because, hello, how can you not in a place like this? Here’s Kimi, Lissa and I trying our best to smile despite our frozen lips!

Early morning couple selfie! Post coffee and home made breakfast and we’re all ready to set out and enjoy the day.

Tunnel view- the perfect place to take photos of El Capitan. Also, nice to build a snowman while boyfie is busy shooting!

My favorite set of photos from the trip are these ones above. Slater and I looking out at El Capitan. We look so chunky but we had so many laughs and good memories here!

The day started out sunny but suddenly became sooo white and gloomy. These were taken just a few hours apart. Can you believe it?

Walking to the hotel that warned us about stray bears. Scaaary! More on my vlog!

Yosemite, I am sooo glad we made the time and effort to come see you. I have such high expectations for winter now! Til the next time we meet again!

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24 Responses to The Last of It

  1. Sheine says:

    yosemite looks majestic! ++ you look so pretty as well!!!

  2. Angelica says:

    I haven’t seen a winter place that beautiful! The view is amazing. I’ll definitely add this to my travel bucketlist. Hi Kryz! I’ve been reading your blog ever since college days and I’m already working for three years now! I love the way you dress more today. <3

  3. Vivian says:

    WOW, those icicles on the tunnel! Such cute couple photos as always!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  4. Tina Rai says:

    I love snow! Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this! xoxo
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  5. Claire says:

    Nice photos! <3 You + Slater = couple goals <3

  6. Klah - Klah says:

    Wow! You’re like in the frozen movie. I love it~! ♥

  7. Teesh says:

    Your couple photos look the best!

  8. Arra Abella says:

    Wow. What a majestic view. Look at that snow!

    Style Reader

  9. Irish says:

    Just read your blog and this one’s so great. This inspires me to save money and travel someday. lol
    *Still scrolling and reading your past blogs*

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