The Low-Down: Candy Fair 2012

Welcome to the crazy, exciting, hyperactive, amazing and memorable world of Candy! Last saturday, I was given the opportunity to walk the runway for SM GTW at Candy Fair, and boy did I have it coming! I’ve heard stories about how wild things get in these fairs, but I didn’t expect it to be that crazy! Imagine a huge tent filled to the brim with teenagers screaming their lungs out to see the next candy cutie walk on stage, bouncers everywhere (yes, I mean those big boys who tame the crowd, although they didn’t really do much because the crowd was insane!!), food booths and games and everything a teenage girl could possible want in a fair. It was awesome! And because I can’t possibly explain everything by yammering on and on, here are some photos to show you!

Backstage was filled with models, candy cuties (in the words of Alyssa) free for ogling, hair and make up stations and a mist of hair spray making everything seem like it had an overlay. This is a scene I’m pretty much used to. It’s the scene in front of the stage that was overwhelming!

Patrish and Justa of SM GTW + Pat’s cute rings!

Before we went on stage, we were interviewed by Candy correspondents for Candy TV! It’s always fun doing things like these when you’re with your friends! If I had to do it alone, I’d have been a nervous wreck!

This was our only view from backstage which gave us a clue on how packed the place was getting! Even though it rained like crazy for an hour, the tent kept getting fuller and fuller!

My dearest boyfriend Mike came to support me (all the way from Cebu!!!). Isn’t he the sweetest??? Can I just say he’s so awesome for patiently waiting the whole time (no complaints!), and carrying my stuff while I had a photo op session after the show! He is so supportive, I wanna cry lol!!! He also took most of these photos! *clap clap*

This is it!!! Show time!My face looks sooo weird here, but its the only photo I have with my name on the screen! haha Thanks to Mhai Molecule for this photo! Also, look how packed the place was! There was even a moshpit!

It was sooo great to meet a lot of my readers that day! I didn’t even mind posing for photos or signing autographs (I still cant believe people ask me to do this!) while sweating like crazy!!! Totally reminded me of the Candy Style Awards a few months ago. The conclusion is that every Candy event is a crazy successful one that I would always be more than happy to attend!

 Can I just say I was laughing and dancing on stage the whole time! photo courtesy of Kim Paderna (thank you!)

We ended the day with a celebratory dinner at Premio with my favorite bloggers and plus ones!

Thank you SM GTW for the opportunity! Can’t wait for my photos to come out this holiday season!!!