The Most Expensive Temple- EVER.

Welcome to Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai’s most epic and visually stunning Buddhist temple. In my opinion at least. Can you believe this massive work of art was created by the Thai architect Chalermchai Kositpipat, costing him $22 Million of his own money? Wild. It was built in 1996, but it’s still not yet done. They estimate to finish this contemporary work of art in 90 years. La Sagrada Familia, is that you?

The details in this temple are insane. Every inch is a masterpiece in its own. When you arrive, you’ll see the majesty of this place and its surrounding lake, mirroring its grandeur. At the entrance, there are ghouls and goblins as well as skeletons and creepy hands reaching out from the earth, symbolizing hell. You walk up the ramp (without your shoes or your cameras), to cross into the “higher realm” or the main temple. The realm of Buddah, and reaching the state of Nirvana. Inside, the walls are decorated with contemporary art depicting man’s greed and desire. I wish I could have shown you, but they didn’t allow photography in there. I can say though, that Marvel characters have made quite an appearance over there. Such modern art you wouldn’t normally expect in a temple. It was AMAZING.

If you are ever in the north of Thailand, I highly recommend making the drive up to Chiang Rai to see this beautiful spectacle. Wake up really early and get there before 10, so you can take good photos. Otherwise, the hoards of Chinese tourists will beat you to it. Enjoy!