The Munchy Market

I come from a family that loves food. We really do. Every time I go to Manila, I always try and convince Mike to accompany me to one of those food markets, like the Midnight Mercato at BCG or the Saturday Salcedo Market in Makati. Unfortunately for us, we’re always fast asleep (or too lazy to go) when these things happen. Yes, up til now, those food markets have been nothing but a dream. So, imagine my surprise when this arrives:

Aaaaaah. My sister and I were thrilled to find a food market right at our doorstep!

These amazing goodies (plus cute canvas bags!) are from an online food market called The Munchy Market!

“The Munchy Market is an online marketplace where anyone can purchase and discover products from a select-group of small passionate food producers and vendors in the Philippines.

For food lovers ever hungry for something new, this is the place to discover your next gastronomic delight. Because we ship to anywhere in this archipelago, you get to share the experience with your friends and family, not just in photos, but with real delicious bites.

For food producers, this is the place to be the next great discovery. Get the right people to notice you. Share your story, sell your fare. We’ll take care of the dirty dishes.”

Soooo excited to gobble these up!!!!

Thanks Sabs and Joey!