The Not So Wild- Amsterdam

When you think of Amsterdam for the first time, what comes to mind? Most likely, the scenes that flash through your head are the not so pretty ones. Red light district? Flying panties? Stoned tourists? Well, Jack and I aren’t really into that sort of thing. #mature #signsofaging So this time around, we took a walk along Amsterdams more scenic route. I had no idea Amsterdam had such beautiful parks with the most serene view. The blogger in me got sooo giddy and I just had to brave through climbing tree trunks for that picture perfect moment. We had an unbeatably sinful brunch at Little Collins which was absolutely delicious and honestly quite overwhelming. In fact, it must have been the most overwhelming and flavorful Benedict sandwich I’ve ever had in my life! We visited food markets (because- duh! How can you not!) and had some stroopwafel (because- duh! How can you not!). And lastly, we spent the afternoon walking along De 9 straatjes (The 9 Streets) to shop for unique local pieces. Amsterdam, I didn’t know you had it in you!

Check out our vlog here.