The Serum You’ll find in my kit ’til I’m 80

If there’s one serum I’ve been crazy obsessed with lately, it’s this. Vintners Daughter. The Cult favorite highly $$$ active botanical serum that in my honest opinion is worth every penny. I’ve heard about this product in the past but stayed clear of it because of the hefty price tag. Guys, we’re dealing with $185 for 30ml, approximately P9,500 for 30 freakin ML (not counting the P5,000 I was charged by DHL for customs fees- don’t get me started on how ridiculous the added tax was HOMG😅). But when I went to Spain just a few weeks ago, my friend Nana had it, and was generous enough to let me try it. I WAS HOOKED. It was soooo good! I was probably the only one in the group the entire trip who didn’t get any break outs. That’s a huge deal considering none of my friends have acne prone skin, we did not sleep for more than 5-6 hours a night, we bathed and basked under the harsh European sun, and we drank and partied like we were 20 (i know, I immediately regret it).

First of all, let’s talk INGREDIENTS. It’s all organic botanicals- none of the (potentially) toxic fillers we find in a lot of skin care products out there. No frills, no crazy claims. It’s clean, organic and it works.

The owner, April Gargiulo, is a winery owner, and so she painstakingly uses techniques from fine winery to extract all these exotic botanicals. Hence, the $$$.

Second, the FEEL. OMG. According to In to the Gloss, this is “the face oil to end all face oils” and I will have to agree. I’m not normally a fan of face oils because I’m so picky when it comes to their consistency and how fast they are absorbed into my skin. This one though feels extremely velvety, and luxurious. I thought my skin care routine was already rock solid, but this little baby is totally shaking it up. When I apply this at night (I only use it at night instead of the recommended day and night, because HELLO ang mahal girl), I always wake up with calm, super smooth skin. Plus, it smells SO GOOD like a spa party on my face! If you’re not into Aesop-y smells, it might be too strong for you, but I personally love it.

Third, (and this is what really pushed me to splurge on this baby) it’s so easy to apply. Cleanse, Tone, Apply (read above for exactly how). No need for additional acid toners, moisturizers, sleep masks etc. If you’ve seen my skin care routine video, I have 9 steps in my regimen, and cutting it down to 3, while having the same effect is a load off my mind and my travel kit. Plus, it means the price might actually be justified since I don’t have to spend for any other product when using this!

Guys, if you’re having trouble finding your own skin care routine, or if you’re obsessed with foundation and covering up your skin- try this. I always say it’s better to invest in your face than in bags and shoes anyway! So if you have the means to purchase this, give it a try! If you end up not liking it (though I doubt it), send it to me LOL.


I’m not a dermatologist or skin expert. I’m just giving my honest opinion on a product I love and hoping might help someone out there too.


I have normal-combination skin, not acne prone. I don’t know how this product will work on sensitive skin, but I hear it (wont get rid of acne but will) calm down angry pimples.