The Under Dog

There’s something about garden swings that make them so mildly comforting. The gentle rocking, the soft curved lines, the breeze-it’s just so soothing. I wish I could work on a swing or spend leisurely afternoons reading a book in them. Of course, apart from that, they’re also a thrill to take photos in. Let me introduce you to Balancing act 101: Perfecting the stressedless-face-when-in-deep-concentration-and-body-coordination.

Lesson number one: wear shorts when attempting this trick. No one wants to see your clumsy rendition of London, France and not-so-sexy underpants.

Breathe. Keep a steady stare. If you can’t look down to conceal your fright. If you look calm and feel calm, balancing will become easier!

Keep your legs apart to have a wider base- but glamorously so. Squatting ala grandย pliรฉ will make you look nothing short of awkward and frog-like.

Wear flats or low heels so you don’t end up breaking anything important!

And voila- leap off, do a finishing pose and you’ve done it! You’ve managed to go 360 on a garden swing, and look fabulous while you’re at it! Congratulations!

American Eagle polo (old), Clothes for the Goddess shorts, Goody hair pins and spin pins, Cole Vintage earrings, Mango heels

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