The World at my Step

Spent my last freezing day at HongKong walking around the city and discovering awesome works of art- like these amazing steps made as a tribute to the Olympics. Last day also meant last minute shopping and last minute food binging! I had a mission to hoard all of the chinese food I wanted before my flight back, so my family and I went to some of our favorites: City Hall Maxim’s Palace, Laduree and Ippudo Ramen.

We took the scenic ferry because, well… it was so much prettier than taking the train or a cab. The view from the boat was so picture perfect that any angle I took looked great!

Lunch was at City Hall Maxim’s place, one of my Dad’s favorites. I love how they serve Dimsum by the carts and all of them were soooo good! The line to get a table was extremely long and we had to wait about an hour and a half to get seated! Plus, the place was packed from the time we arrived to the time we left!

Laduree isn’t really a local HK cuisine, but it’s the nearest one to home, and when there’s macaroons- there’s Kryz!

Last and definitely not the least is yummy yummy dinner at Ippudo Ramen. It was soooo good I could eat it everyday (save for the fact that I’d probably die from heart failure, but whatevs). Ippudo Ramen is a must try (seriously) and even their yummy fried squid will keep your belly happy the whole day!

Romwe coat, Balenciaga bag, Lovelysally skirt, WAGW hat, Comfit boots, Uniqlo tights

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