Three In One

If it’s hasn’t been obvious enough, Summer is really one of my favorite times of year, precisely because there is just so much to do (especially for those who get to go on summer breaks!) Today I’m going to show you three places where I’ll probably be spending a lot of time at this season, and how I’m planning to dress up for each and every one of them!

HOME. I’m actually looking forward to spending some quality time at home! I’m always out and about throughout the year, so a little alone time for me is perfect! I could chill by the garden and read a good book for one entire afternoon, and think that’s a day well spent! Sometimes, you just need time to relax and recuperate, and home for me is the best place to do that. Of course, when I’m at home, I don’t need fancy dresses and accessories, but I still don’t like wearing my old shirts with holes in them (lol), so here’s a fun thing to wear when you’re having that afternoon picnic sesh.

White denim cut offs and an easy breezy top will help you feel comfortable while lounging about, especially if you decide to make that relaxation party a fun time to spend with your friends. And if you can’t chill at home, you can still look street ready by popping on a bright blazer and a simple classic neckpiece! A bright summer look with nothing over the top!

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TRAVEL. If you want to make the most out of your break by jet setting to your favorite destinations, then that’s a great plan too! I recommend wearing comfortable clothes to the airport (especially if it’s a long haul flight or a budget plane flight)! A nice pair of pajama pants will keep you feeling super cozy while covering you up from those sneaky peeping toms (I swear, there are a lot of these in the airport,so beware!) No matter where you are headed, this look works! For hotter destinations, pair it with a tank top and bring a colored cover up which you can easily take off when you land. For cooler climates, don on your blazer, pick up a scarf and you’re good to go!

Also, try and stay away from heavy metal accessories because that can cause such a hassle on the xrays! If you just need that pop in your look, go for a fun pair of earrings instead (necklaces can tangle up with bags and scarves), or a leather sling bag dipped in silver! Sling bags are absolute perfection when traveling because you get both your hands free to carry push carts, water bottles, tickets and all those other small things!

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WORK. Lastly, for those of us who need to stay behind and work work work, here’s a chic office ensemble that will keep you cool under the scorching heat of the sun! We all know white is best to wear when it’s hot, so why not double dose on it, and wear it head to toe? Just throw on a fun printed blazer and statement heels to keep things interesting (though I always think white on white is already pretty cool!)

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