Three Sisters + WAGW Ayala Cebu Launch

I’d like you all to meet the three sisters behind WAGW, Diane, Jack and myself. These were taken during the last leg of our Young Ambassadors of Style Lauch at our flagship/pioneer and newly renovated store at Ayala Center Cebu. After months of hard work, we’ve finally come up with a modern design concept thats both beautiful aesthetically and practically. If you’re ever in Cebu, I invite you all to visit this branch for a whole new shopping experience!

During the event, I wore a chevron sequinned pencil skirt as a bodycon dress and topped it off with an emerald green large blazer to give it a more scrunched up and casual appeal. I love how this dress was so fitting yet the sequins on it completely covered all problem areas with the striped pattern providing just the right illusion!

On top of our amazing holiday collection, we’ve also completely revamped our mens selection and come up with sleeker prints and cuts, slim fitting pieces and awesome outerwear perfect for the holidays. To all the boys and girlfriends looking for presents for their boys, you can also shop online and you’ll be sure to find something you’ll like!

Here we are together with our Cebu style ambassadors: Mia Arcenas, Mark Lotzof and Jessika Knight! Expect to see more of them in our coming collections! What do you think?

WAGW blazer, dress, earrings, FFAQ heels

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