Through His Eyes

Having a boyfriend who recently got into photography is a plus for any blogger. I won’t deny it. If you follow Slater on Instagram, you’ll see how his Insta-game has changed so much (for the better!!!) in the recent months alone. He’s already become so good, considering he only just started shooting! #bornwithit If you follow me on IG or Facebook, you’ll see that my aesthetic has slightly shifted as well. I’m more adventurous with colors and shooting in different spaces now. I guess it’s easy to say we both learn from each other.

I have no problem having my photos taken (we all know that!). Though, having them shot by someone I love is totally different. It’s better. The way Slater sees things are different from the way I do, and the way he treats each image is completely new to me as well. It was fun playing around and having him put on my shoes for a change. These series of photos are all shot and directed by him. We took them so he could practice (and I obviously didn’t mind being the Guinea pig for this experiment).

Seeing the photos together here really makes me happy because it shows me how amazing photography really is. It’s more than just clicking and smiling for a camera. Its immortalizing a moment and being brave enough to show the world the way you see things from your perspective. Below, you’ll see just how Slater saw me that sunny afternoon. Can you create a story and imagine what he must have been thinking?


Les Artistes shirt
Shein skirt
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