Tie A Little Nut Giveaway (CLOSED)

So right now, while freaking about about this monster typhoon BOPHA/PABLO, I’ve decided to do the most logical thing I can think of: Blog. Who cares about hoarding water and rice when electricity is about to go out??! Okay, that was a joke, please don’t hate me. I have terrible typhoon phobia because of what happened to me a few years ago during Ondoy, and making stupid jokes is my way of not thinking about coping with it. So before I faint, here you go! An early post before all electricity (and sanity) from my end goes off. At least all you netizens from the other side of the world get a nice bit of entertainment in the form of a giveaway!

It was so nice and sunny out when I took these photos just a few days ago. It’s so weird to think that I couldn’t stand wearing anything but shorts and dresses due to the heat, and now, all I want is mister sun to come out and play again! I know what I’m talking about has absolutely nothing to do with these photos, but I can’t get this storm out of my head! I have no idea what horrible devastation is in store for us now in the southern end of the Philippines, but I hope it’s not as bad as we’re expecting it to be! I’m also hoping everyone is nice and dry indoors, away from the vicious winds and rain. Please don’t go out if you don’t desperately need to! Let’s keep casualties to a minimum!

Luscious Closet coverup, Kiss and Tell shorts, WAGW ring, belt and spike bracelet, Michael Antonio heels, Philip Stein watch, Jimmy Choo sunnies, Tie a Little Nut arm candy

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Anywaaaaay, for anyone still looking forward to today’s post, here you go. Tie a little Nut is hosting a giveaway where 5 of my readers can get a chance to win pieces from their collection!

Here’s all you have to do:

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35 Responses to Tie A Little Nut Giveaway (CLOSED)

  1. Ren says:

    I supeeer dupeeer love the heels and shorts! ❤

  2. chippie says:

    Keep safe, Ate Kryz! Yesterday was a very sunny day in Iloilo too, now it’s signal no. 3. This brings back terrible memories from Typhoon Frank, too. I have classmates from Mindanao who have probably experienced a Category 1 at most, there’s one who’s not at all worried about anything and it’s sort of silly because this is much worse than anything she’s experienced in Iloilo. Apparently I scared her when I told her Frank was only a Category 3.

  3. Tanya says:

    Love the heels! Laughed so hard when I read the first two sentences. 😀

  4. Joe Beverly says:

    — At least all you netizens from the other side of the world get a nice bit of entertainment in the form of a giveaway! —

    . . . and some inspiration from your beauty . . .

  5. Quang Hue says:

    Namo Amitabha, hi Kryz, sorry for not reading your blog yesterday and to hear about your family misfortune about three years ago. I will do some Dharma to stop the monster typhoon BOPHA/PABLO as soon as I can. You should recite AMITABHA BUDDHA’S NAME and AVOLOKITESHVARA BODHISATTVA’S NAME by reciting these phrases ‘NAMO AMITABHA’ and ‘NAMO AVOLOKITESHVARA BODHISATTVA’ many times to ask Them for helps or read some Prayers in a book that you did last year. Tell me and others how is the monster typhoon BOPHA/PABLO on this blog, is it weaken or … strengthen?! so I can do less or more Dharma accordingly to assist you. Don’t forget to let me know Kryz, sincerely, buddhist Holy Sage Quang Hue.

  6. Kit says:

    love the heels kryz!!.. and u know what? murag kabalo nko tagaasa ka sa imong background. hahahaha

  7. cathy says:

    Sooo pretty! i love the necklace you choose. (:
    Win a Gold Peter Pan Collar Necklace here!
    Check out my recent outfit post:

  8. Allyson says:

    Stay safe! After the hurricane recently in the US, I think storms are some of the scariest things that can happen to anyone! Will be keeping everyone in my thoughts.

    Such a gorgeous necklace in that last picture, too! :O

  9. Steve says:

    You are sooo beautiful Kryz!! You look so gorgeous in those sexy shorts and sexy pumps! Stay safe pretty lady, I’m wishing you the very best and hope the storm misses you!! I know what is like to be in the middle of a hurricane, it is horrible! Take care beautiful!! xoxo

  10. Anj says:

    i just got back from Cebu this morning. yesterday morn we traveled via bus from Alegria to Cebu city to catch our flight [w/c was supposed to be last night but was cancelled and transferred earlier], and on the way talagang nakikita namin yung malalakas na alon – really scary! it also reminded me of Ondoy since, coincidentally, I was also in Cebu that time. ang hirap lang bumaba ng bundok at bumiyahe papunta ng city. I’m praying that this storm leaves the country soon – the earlier and the less the damage, the better. May San Pedro Calungsod, all the Saints and God help and bless this country.

    and oh, i’m lovin’ your ring and shoes.

  11. sevvy says:

    u still look stunning even though u were worrying abt the thunder storm 😀


  12. Thanks for the great giveaway! I hope I win!

  13. Chai chen says:

    Hopefully, no more Ondoy and those deeply terrible phases … glad you’re safe.
    Love the heels! :)

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