Tokyo Travel Diary


Took a mini-vacay to one of my favorite cities, Tokyo, with Slater last month and we had the best time! We both love Japan for their unique culture, delicious food and super polite people, so we were both pretty excited about this trip. Thanks so much to Japan National Tourism Organizaton for the tour and taking care of us!

We boarded an ANA flight out of Manila straight to Tokyo and got to see the beautiful sunset from the plane. We also got to have some draaanks which explains why I’m blushing so much in the picture above! Can I just say that I am sooo happy they give you slippers? At least I don’t have to re-wear my rubber shoes or boots every time I have to get up and pee! ANA, you think ahead!

When we arrived, we boarded an ENTIRE BUS but there were only 4 of us, and our guide K-san. So everyday we had this huge ride all to ourselves! Sweet! Mej nakakahiya lang cause the sign on the bus said “KRYZ UY FAMILIARIZATION TOUR V.I.P” lol! 😂

We got in pretty late, so Slater and I decided to walk around to find food. AKA Ramen! I look so crazy bundled up like this but it was soooo cold!!! First night and already I was freezing!

First agenda on the first day: Origami Kai Kan! We met the cutest origami master and he made so many cute origami for us. I was so impressed, I bought his book and and him sign it for me! After gushing about that, he inserted all of the origami he made into the book so I’d get to keep it. SO SWEET!!!! I want him as my grandpa! This guy really promotes origami as healthcare and believes people won’t get sick if they have a hobby that keeps their minds busy like Origami!

Before lunch, we asked K-san if we could do a side trip to a Kimono shop. The girls wanted to dress up like Geishas and take photos. I was on the edge at first because it was quite pricey, but I decided to go for it and I SERIOUSLY DON’T REGRET IT. This was probably the highlight of our trip! I had so much fun walking around in this (and struggling to climb stairs!) Plus, tourists kept taking our photo! 😅

They even did my hair like a true blue Geisha! I love it!!! 😍

Of course, thanks to Slater for taking all my photos! He’s so good na right??? We walked all the way to the Senso-ji temple and the Nakamise shopping street in this, and my toes were freezing! How do these girls survive in the winter???

After that, we took a ferry to Odaiba and we took the opportunity to snap some photos and have coffee with this awesome view. I was mostly impressed by the shape and spaciousness of the ferry. Definitely doesn’t look like any that I’ve been on before!

Will you take a look at that sunset though??? We went to Aqua City which is obviously near the water, so it was pretty chilly hanging out outside, but I couldn’t help it. How can you stay indoors when this majesty is right outside?

When we got there, everyone went shopping and Slater and I spent the rest of the afternoon (freezing and) soaking up the sun. The lighting was insane! No wonder they call this place the Land of the Rising Sun! 😍

OOTD peg? Bear. LOL.

The next day, we spent the morning at BIC Camera in Akihabara and walked around the Anime capital of the city. There were so many guys lining up to watch an erotic show! 😱😱😱 I swear I’m not making that up. K-san told us, and we saw posters! haha Japanese Erotica is intense!

Of course we couldn’t leave the place without a little cosplay dress up experience- it being the anime capital and all! Slater asked me to go as Sailor Moon, but probably because we didn’t know any other character. They didn’t have her costume though, so I ended up just wearing some school girl uniform. Too bad I never got the photos they said they were gonna send us. 😔 Eto nalang, the photo above was taken inside the cosplay studio. Crazy hologram walls, right?

Next stop: HARAJUKU for some crepes and more shopping! But again, while everyone was busy at the Daiso store, Slater and I took the opportunity to get lost and wander around that area of Tokyo! Plus, you’ll see on my VLOG (uploading this Sunday!) why we decided to skip shopping! 🙈

We found the cutest spots and the prettiest tiles just wandering around. I love getting lost in a new city. It makes you discover it so much deeper!

Look, it’s a cat posing on the statue of Hachiko! Who knows what this is about? It’s the saddest story! The dog waits for his master at the train station everyday, but one day he never came because he passed away. The dog still kept coming back to wait for him, until he passed away himself 😔 The statue was erected in his memory.

We finally made it to the crazy Shibuya crossing. Remember, this is where we stayed the last time I was in Tokyo? Look at this photo Slater took, though! Amazing!

We then made our way to the Tokyo Tower where we got this incredible view of the city from above. I was so happy to be in doors because we were absolutely freezing!!!

Our last day was a national holiday for Japan, so the streets were almost completely empty. We spent the last few hours walking around Ginza and I finally got to shop! Well, I shopped and Slater waited for me 😅✌🏼

Thanks again to JNTO for the warm welcome and making sure we were well fed and as warm as our tropical skin needed! Can’t wait to visit Tokyo again and again and again. Definitely wouldn’t mind all the yummy food and memories ❤️