Touchdown, Taiwan!

What’s good everyone? I feel like most of the time I’m talking to you guys from miles and miles away! For instance, this post is about Taipei, but I’m writing to you guys from San Francisco, and making sure to post it right on time for you guys in the Philippines! Thinking about it makes me feel like such a legit travel blogger 😛 Anyway, sharing with you photos Jack took of our first full day in Taiwan. We spent it at the National Palace Museum- the place that holds the much photographed Jade Pechay 😛 Can’t wait to show you guys my travel vlog so you know exactly what I’m talking about! I know I was supposed to upload the video yesterday, but life got in the way. Hoping to get it up and ready ASAP. But for now, enjoy the photos!x

H&M hat (old)
H&M top
Berska jeans
Longchamp bag (via Rustans)
Sperry shoes
Moms vintage belt