Trastevere, Rome

I might have a thing for squeezing in photoshoots before flights. 😅 I guess it’s because I hate doing nothing, and I’d rather be up to my neck in work than not have anything to do at all. This shoot I had with Sweet Escape was such a good decision though! Not only do I have these amazing photos to keep, I also met the sweetest photographer, Polina. She toured us around the streets of Trastevere, the Jewish quarter of Rome. It was my first time hanging out around this area and it was definitely a pleasure to see it from the perspective of a local.

Polina took us across Pons Fabricus, the oldest bridge in Rome. Get this, it was built 62 years before Christ. WHAAAAAT!!!!

The Jewish quarter was so beautiful and totally made me feel very Italian. My brother was with me and we both couldn’t help but wonder what our lives would have been like if we were born here instead of the Philippines. I wonder if I would still be blogging or what my hobbies would be! Do you guys ever wonder the same when you’re in a new place?

It was quite humid so we settled down a cafe and had some yummy Aperol Spritz. It was our first time to try it. My brother instantly became obsessed with it and immediately started googling recipes to recreate at home. It’s the perfect drink for Sundays or

Much thanks to Sweet Escape for the photos and the memories!