Twenty Three and Feeling Free

These past few days have been filled with such fun and totally crazy moments. Aside from the prrrrrt prt prt of Sinulog last Sunday, my friends and I got a head start of the festivities when I celebrated my 23rd birthday at The Henry Hotel in Cebu. Everyone had such a fun time, but really… what do you expect when you combine great people in a fantastic place with delicious food and drinks?

I’ve always wanted to host a fun red cup house party, but I didn’t have the time nor patience to set up my own house, so I figured having it in a hotel was the smartest solution. Choosing the hotel was a no brainer, really. I wanted a very chic place, nothing traditional or too commercialized and The Henry (formerly The House of Cebu) was right on the target. Everyone couldn’t stop taking photos of the place (shout out to all the #instagrammerz with a z) because it was just so quirky and amusing! Each room is a different work of art, and choosing which room I wanted my party to be in was like opening boxes of presents and finding a sweet surprise in each one.

I finally settled on room 603, one of the two XXL rooms in the hotel.  It was perfect. Not only was it totally hilarious to have the bathroom out in the open with no walls let alone doors, the room was HUGE and spacious enough to fit a party for 50! With the few people in my guestlist, I was able to rearrange the room and make way for parlor games (don’t judge me, its my birthday lol) like twister, shot roulette, taboo and some-other-totally-fun-game-that-i-forgot. The XXL room also came with a connecting room where guests could chill (and pee) in private (in case you haven’t gotten over the whole no wall bathroom tidbit.)

We also had amazing food brought up from the hotel restaurant, Rica’s Cafe. My friends and I always used to eat at Rica’s back when it was located elsewhere, and we couldn’t have been happier to find it’s new location and partnership with The Henry! My favorite? Their white pizza.  I could eat it all day!!! If you ever find yourself in the restaurant (and I hope that you will), I also recommend their Spinach Mushroom Canelloni, my personal favorite, and their Spam Burger (Mike’s favorite.)

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L1As if this place couldn’t get any better, there’s also a very chic and chill bar on the second floor called “Scrapyard” where you could have a few drinks with your friends. I love how everything in the hotel, especially the bar, is cohesively decorated in a grunge loft/run down new york kind of way. It makes the ambiance so much more appealing, don’t you think?

My friends were sweet enough to surprise me with 23 cupcakes and more rainbow cupcackes spelling my name out. Mike even had one of our favorite Devil’s foodcake sent all the way from Chocolate Kiss in Manila! Too bad it was covered in confetti from the poppers they popped while I was blowing my candles! That didn’t stop us from diving in though!

Room 603, you are filled with so much memories. I will be seeing more of you in the coming years for sure!

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