Tying out asymmetry

Jellybean (via Zalora) top, Clothes for the Goddess skirt, Cole Vintage bangles, WAGW necklace, Topshop sunnies, Sugarfree heels

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When you’re tired of the clothes in your closet, find a way to wear them differently. This season had an overload of long sleeved sheer button downs, but instead of throwing them out, cut the sleeves short! Instead of tucking it in, try tying it out. You can also sweep your mullet skirts sideways for a mysterious play on asymmetry, or if you’re more adventurous, try wearing it as a top! Can you think of other ways to reinvent your clothes?

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37 Responses to Tying out asymmetry

  1. Thu Le says:

    Can you tell me about brand of lip that you used, please? Thanks

  2. Pia says:

    i love the way you wore your mullet skirt! =)

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